Our Fragrance

In our pursuit of the most captivating fragrances for our candles, we embarked on a quest that led us to the mystical Fairy Lands. This wondrous realm, adorned with a myriad of unique flowers, trees, and landscapes, held a wealth of enchanting scents just waiting to be discovered.

As we journeyed through this ethereal world, we encountered the fairy folks who called it home. They welcomed us with open arms and shared with us the secrets of their enchanting land.

Our adventure began at Echo Bay Port, where we set sail into the heart of the fairy world. Our first destination was the illustrious Fire Wild Grove, where we were awe-struck by the Wildings' mastery in cultivating the most remarkable flowers, each with its own unique and mesmerizing scent.

Next, we ventured south to the captivating Blood Bush Forest, where the Guardian revealed to us the secrets of harvesting the forest's masculine fragrances from the trees surrounding the village.

Our journey then took us to the untamed Redblood Wildness, where the Hardwicks enlightened us on how they grew their succulent fruits that burst with exquisite fragrances.

Finally, we arrived at the enchanting Blood Bush Forest, where we met the wise Healer Folk in Misty Moss. They revealed to us their gifts for growing and sharing their enchanting blends of healing herbs and floral scents.

Indulge in the unparalleled experience of our candles, which possess a distinctiveness that cannot be found elsewhere.


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